Monday, December 12, 2011

Bike Light

I bought this light a few weeks ago and it’s so crazy bright I want to buy a second one for my helmet.

It’s rated at 1000 lumins which is seriously bright. At MEC you can buy a 1000 lumin light for $400.00 or a 1400 lumin light for $770.00. This baby was only $110.00.

The problem is they don’t sell them in Canada. I had mine delivered to my brothers place in Tucson and it finally made it to me here. I emailed the company and they’ll send me one (after some begging and pleading). I can get a 10% discount if I order 10 or more.

The light is not quite a spot light but it’s not really broad. They claim 3hrs on full, 5 hours on medium and 8 hours on low. I suspect medium will be fine for most road riding, high for mountain biking. Even low is pretty bright.
I have not had it very long so the jury is out on the long term durability, however, it gets good reviews so confidence is high.

Let me know if you want one. So far I have two on the list. I’ll put the order in by Friday so get back to me quickly if you want one. If I can get 10 then they would be around $100.00 plus some shipping. tom(at)mapitfirst(dot)com



Relentless said...

Tom, I'm in for one.

Anonymous said...

Count me in

AlanO said...

I'm in.

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