Monday, December 12, 2011

One step closer to an AB Superweek of Cycling. ..and a dream (inside Calgary) hill climb route

I just got our 'Event Application Package' emailed from the city for our JayLap Downtown Criterium. Even though it is a fair bit of work, the filling of these forms and waiting for confirmation is standard procedure now for this event and since we continue to host an exciting, safe, family-oriented, race it should be approved. The city seems to be really good with quality control on the events it lets happen. This means more work for organizers, but their event planning department really has it going on in terms city service coordination at the right times.

The more exciting news though is that we were also emailed an 'Event Application Package' for a hill climb route I have thought would be excellent within the city and put cycling and racing even more on display! I haven't applied for this route before for a couple reasons: we have been hosting enough races, I wanted our Criterium to gain traction within the city and not put that in jeopardy at all, and frankly I was hesitant since the route is on some major roads.

So I filled out the forms a while ago to apply for this route to be held on the Friday evening of our cycling weekend. It is a 7km predominately uphill prologue style event. This would bring the first event of the weekend into the city and separating it from the Criterium in time a little more will take a lot of stress off our membership!

So, as it stands right now, our vision of the JayLap weekend is a Friday evening Power Hill Climb Prologue, then the same two awesome races after that, the Crit and the Bergen Boiler. This takes the driving out of the equation on Sat, which I believe is significant.

We have been discussing a lot of exciting combination options with Joel from Niklas Group about an Alberta Superweek of cycling since our events are held on back-to-back weekends. This change in structure to our race reduces the overall driving involved (even for out-of-towners), ups the coolness, and would enable a better continuity for cyclists racing all events!

Below is my dream in-town hill climb route !! It would be crazy safe as there are ZERO opportunities for traffic to cross cyclists or vice-versa. Check it out!


Brent said...

uh, wow that would be sick!

Anonymous said...

what a good looking hill climb. I use this as one of my training routes. Nothing too steep but long enough to cause some suffering. I hope it gets approved!

Reinier said...

Wow, a superweek of racing would be amazing and bring in racers from all of western Canada I'm sure!

Also love the idea of bringing the races closer to town. Definitely will help getting volunteers.

My only concern is if combined with TdB, would there be 2 hill climbs? Both RRs aren't exactly flat either but I guess I should just accept that living in Alberta. :-|

Trev said...

I think our HC will be unique compared to TdB since theirs is a pure steep short brutal blast, whereas ours is more of a power climb with several flat sections. It will cater to a different rider which is perfect so it isn't the same race.


Dennis said...

That's a great route! While the TdB HC is all about using your climbing wheels, with this route you would probably go full aero... depending on how heavy your TT bike is.

Exposing part of the race on Highway 1 would be awesome exposure. At the CDN Road Nationals in Kamloops in 2004/2005, they coned off the right lane of the TCH for the road race and thousands of people saw us (and they were screaming happy things, not obscenities).

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