Friday, December 2, 2011

race prep - thai style

Arrived in beautiful Phuket Thailand on Tuesday after 22 hours flying. The only people more uncomfortable than me on the long flight were the Chinese national basketball team, legs everywhere -Korean Airlines 777 are not configured for tall people, dinged twice for the bike box but at least the bike made it at the same time as me.

Temperature is steady every day, 33 C, 70 % humidity, great for the tourists, ok for racing I guess.

There's 1000 entrants here, mostly Aussies it seems. Someone actually recognized the Speed Theory jersey, asked if I was from Calgary or Vancouver. Good to be able to get my sponsors name out there. Thursday was an official bike course recon day, roads closed for the recon, which is a good thing. We were guided by Jurgen Zack, the Jens Voigt of the triathlon world. Good that half the racers turned the recon into a race, keeping up with Zack. Another rookie mistake might have been doing the entire 90 k three days before the race! Slayer, if you are reading this, I have 2 days to recover. I wanted to ride the steep hills, I have a 28 on the back, glad I did that, if it is wet, there's no traction and you have to get off and walk the hill, memories of Penticton gravel roads.
Disc not recommended here, should have brought 808 maybe, lots of road bikes too. Sorry Kyle, I will have to replace your speedsuit, the entire back ripped open today before I even got in the water. Big waves and swells in the Andaman sea, but no jokes about tsunamis.
Ah yes, I hate shaving, these ladies were sort of amused, something new for them, they are obviously not from Patong. 300 Baht, the looks from passers by, priceless. I'm 14 hours ahead of you guys, I can post a race report before the race really starts Sunday morning. I'm writing this on a Blackberry playbook so it might look awful on the blog.


Slayer Dan said...

Sounds awesome, if your taking it easy on the bike course you might as well warm up on the run course and run it a few times for your warm up.

Have a great race!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Haveva great race Mike!

Kyle & Kelly

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