Monday, December 12, 2011

Tucson 200KM Brevet, base Miles, sort of !

A few of you know that Trev and a few of the Speed Theory team members have participated in a cycling sport that you hear my brother Tom and I talk about called Randonneuring. For the past couple of years a number of us have headed down to Arizona to participate in a few of their events and this year is no different. Trev, Paul and a perhaps a few Rando guys are heading down to the 200KM event on January 7th. I think a few more of the team members should join us this year so I'm extending an invitation. It's a way less crazy sport than Ironman and contrary to Trev's approach to the sport it is not a race. You can get event details and a run down on the sport on the Arizona Randonneur WEB site. We usually let Trev tire himself out the day before the event so he drops below super-human on the bike. For team members interested in hanging out in Tucson until the following Thursday your welcome to stay at my home.

The only word of caution for those wanting to ride together; the Canadians have developed a reputation for coming down and hitting this event hard so if you want to hang with Trev's group count on a 28-30km/hr pace while riding. Of course you can ride at whatever pace you want, you have 13 hours to finish the event. For those staying on we will re-group back in Tucson. Others may choose to head up to Phoenix if they're flying out on the Sunday.

If your interested let me know and will sort details out.

Lockie, I'm hoping to drag you out from the east for a third kick at your favourite event:)

Stephen Kenny
AKA Relentless


Lockie said...

Love to, Stephen, but I'll be flying back from Melbourne that day! Enjoying 5 weeks south of the equator right now in fact. Haven't been riding much lately, so I was hurting quite a bit when I got towed around for 160km by a local youngster last weekend. Ran 5km the next day, but no, haven't been swimming...using various floatation devices, most with sails attached, to avoid doing so! Glad to hear you're ready to show some newbies what "check point speed" is all about. :) Everyone, definitely take Stephen up on the offer if you can - good times!!

Time To Shine Cleaning said...

Hey Stephen,

Hoping to get more details on your rental in Tucson if you ever have it available for public rentals?

Any information you have would be great.


Relentless said...

Jevon: I don't rent out my home in Tucson, I do have lots of friends come visit and do a little suffering, I mean riding on the bike.

Anonymous said...

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