Friday, December 23, 2011

RR speedsuits

I'm seeing a lot of pros wearing these now... essentially skinsuits with pockets:

Champion System now has a "distance skinsuit" in short and long sleeve versions:

What does everyone think? Do we want to make it part of our club kit?


Harley Borlee said...

I have been racing RR's in the mountain bike skin suite for the past 2 years. It is much cooler than a jersey which can be a huge benefit. It has 2 large pockets quite low which makes them easy to reach but makes carrying extra water a little difficult. I wouldn't mind seeing how these compare.

Dennis said...

As someone who has broken both clavicles in past races, I would like to avoid the pressure points caused by bib shorts. It stops being fun after about 2 hours.

Thomas William said...

the champ sys shorts have been a huge problem for me in the past with saddle sores and high inner seems which always rub on longer riders. I have castelli bibs now and would love to see these in a ST kit.

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