Monday, October 15, 2012

Awards night, awesome Thomas, the NZ contingent, and Kona update.

Thanks to all those that came out to our big Friday night party. We had about 12 people at the velodrome pre-party and we were treated to super weather and fun riding. We will use this resource way more next year now that I know we can rent it quite easily and inexpensively. I will bring this up at the AGM and propose how we can use this facility for skills and tactics development as well as training. Everyone had a great time and Mark Enter awed us all by his standing start kilo time!

The party itself was a great time. Lots of stories shared by people and Brad had to make an additional beer run which always indicates the evening is going well. Another thanks to Lesley Kenny for hosting.

On the 'Psycho-Cross' front, Thomas raked in 2 more 2nd places this weekend to earn the criteria needed to be upgraded to 'Elite', the highest step until he is picked up by a trade team. Congrats Thomas!

We have three club mates (Mike, Slayer, and Bob) currently in transit or possibly just having arrived in New Zealand. We will attempt to keep you updated on their races this coming weekend. All are competing in the Age-Group World Championships for Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Darryl Parry competed in the Ironman World Championships this past weekend and posted an 11:49 time. He got 94th in his age-group, but the USADA has open a case file on the 93 competitors ahead of him, so we expect him to take the win!

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Marc said...

Trev - thanks for organising a great Friday afternoon/evening. I thoroughly enjoyed as did all the equally drunk people around me. Thanks also to the Kenny's for hosting and making us newb's to the club feel welcome.

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