Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scott's almost brand new cross bike.

Guys, teammate Scott Bratt picked up this awesome cross bike so he could race the Midweek Mayhems while his new Felt cross bike from Speed Theory was coming in. His new Felt is in and he needs a place to hang it in his garage. I am putting this on the front page since it is a crazy price and I wanted to award the awesomeness of getting an interim race bike to hit more races! Below is the email I got from Scott:

Just wondering if anyone from the team may have any interest in a 2012 Ridleys X-Fire CX bike I bought this fall (from Ridley's bike shop in Kensington) and rode 4 times (once in Nose Hill and 3 races) - I needed a bike on short notice until the one I ordered from Speed Theory came in (which just happened last week). Officially I think its a 56cm frame but the seat tube is just as long as my new 57 cm Felt (though the top tube on the Ridley is one inch shorter than the Felt - I measured it). It has Shimano 105 deraillers, FSA crank, Shimano wheel set, Tektro brakes. Original retail list price was $2499 but it was on sale for $2099 (with GST I paid $2205). Hoping to sell it for $1700!! or whatever you think is reasonable (I deducted $125 per ride!). You can take it and ride it to see if it fits.

Here's a review:

Cheers, Scott.     Scottbratt  at   me   dot  com

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