Monday, October 1, 2012

Road Warrior Gala... don't forget to RSVP !!

Team, please RSVP to Lesley according to the invitation if you are planning on coming. It would be a shame if we didn't buy enough beer and food ?!?!

Also, we always like to present some serious, but mostly fun awards to some attendees and if you let us know you are coming, then it really makes it easier for us.

Also, now that it is October, it is time to start thinking of fun stories or gathering silly little 'awards' for your team mates to present to them with a funny story.

I have successfully booked the Velodrome from 3pm - 7pm!! So we will get more details up on when to be there. Keep our collective fingers crossed for good weather! We will make this a family friendly event before you get the babysitter for the gala part of the evening.


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