Monday, October 22, 2012

STC weekend racing round-up.

Dan after completing Worlds
Mike, Bob, and Slayer competed in New Zealand at the Age-Group World Championships. I haven't heard from any of them, but it looks like all had good races, with Mike even snagging fastest Canadian in his age-group. Results here.

Thomas at the Lion's Den Cross on Sat.
Thomas and Marcy competed up in Edmonton at the Lion's Den and Puncheur Cross races on Sat and Sun respectively. They only have 4 more Cross races to go before completing every single ABA Cross race of the season, which is no easy feat! That is 11 races so far out of 15. Add to that 3 midweek mayhem races each and they have concentrated A LOT of racing in a short period of time. Results here.

Sat also was the Spray Drag 7.3km Uphill 'Run' out in Canmore. The most stacked and hardest race I have done since..... my last Cross race :) Teammates Rebecca Morley and Erik Cramer joined me in the sufferfest. Here is the Garmin from my race. 411m of elevation in 7km?? OUCH! Results here.

Mark finishing leg 2 of 3.

Tomo about to cross the 2nd of 2 creek crossings!
Sunday was the Confederation Park Relay hosted by the CalgaryRoadRunners. This is the second stop in the 10 race XC series that spans the winter. I love these races as they are super for keeping motivation up over the winter and are perfect for cyclists since they definitely benefit cycling progression as well. A few extremely high quality cyclists of the likes of Dustin Andrews and Bailey McKnight also did this (the secret of these awesome races is getting out). Teammates Kyle Marcotte, Ryan Murray, Rebecca Morley, Tomo Tsuchida, Jenn Joss, Carl Miiller, Mark and Marie Michalski, Fast-Legs-Frank, and me all raced hard. Results here.

Holy lots of racing still going on !!  Anything else?

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