Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Penticton 2013 - Update (Day 6 and 7)

Day 6
(Long) Apex, Yellow Lake, Carmi, Greyback Mountain (138km) - Map
(Short) Apex, Carmi, Greyback Mountain (100km) - Map
"Mine's bigger than yours " (175km) - Map

Start: Denny's in the Sandman hotel (939 Burnaby Avenue W)
When: Ride will roll out at 9:00 am

Did someone say climbing?... Today we are on some familiar roads just in reverse direction. The group will start climbing right out of Penticton on Green Mountain Rd. The road meanders upward, rolling for 22kms to the base of Apex, then prepare for another assault on that beast. From there the short ride will descend back down to Penticton and take on Carmi and Greyback, then go for lunch and laugh at everyone who are on the long ride. The long ride will descend down the south side of Green Mountain Rd. and hang a left for the climb up to Yellow Lake. From here the long ride will continue on the 3A to the 97 and down into Okanagan Falls for Mclean Creek, then back to Penticton for Carmi and Greyback.

The "Mine's bigger than yours" ride will take a right after Yellow Lake where the long ride goes straight. This group will wind down White Lake Rd to Area 51 and back up to the 97 just outside of Okanagan Falls. From here the silly fools who attempt this ride will do an out and back to the Wall for giggles, then enter uncharted territories of the category 2 Commercial Rd. climb south of Okanagan Falls (turn around when the pavement ends). Since you are probably still fresh, head back down to OK Falls and up Mclean Creek, then limp back into Penticton for a Carmi and Greyback Mountain face slap. Good luck.

Day 7
Naramata Bench, KVR to Chute Lake (93km) - Map

Start: Denny's in the Sandman hotel (939 Burnaby Avenue W)
When: Ride will roll out at 10:00 am

Well it has come to that time, the end of a great week of cycling. But wait, it's not over just yet! For our last day the group will cruise along the Naramata Bench taking in the hillside and lake views. No doubt we may lose some to the "call of the winery" as they are plenty here. But for those that continue on we'll wind our way up to the cattle guard and the end of pavement. In years past we slogged up the 10% avg grade gravel road to the Chute Lake Resort, but this year we will take the KVR trail and it's long winding switchbacks. Lots of history on this old rail trail and should have some cool sights like Rock Oven Provincial Park, the Adra Tunnel and more... For those that are not interested in riding up to Chute Lake they will return to Penticton along Naramata and begin to soak in the successful week of riding.

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