Monday, April 15, 2013

Prairie-Roubaix IV, the weather forecast as of Monday morning and VOLUNTEERING

Well, the long term forecast is looking positive.

To clarify our race cancellation policy. The race will 'go' unless it is unsafe. If it is simply raining, or cold out, the race is 'on'. If is it icy or there snow accumulated ON the roads, then we will be forced to pull the plug. But assume it is 'on'. The porta-potties and Ambulance are locked in, let's race.

We still need several positions filled for volunteering. Please, if you are spectating for a family member, please consider holding a 'SLOW' sign while doing so! Please go here to fill up the volunteer spots.

Thanks guys! See you all soon!


1 comment:

Francis said...

looking forward to the race - last year I was tentative - but this year hopefully will be more competitive

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