Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Women's only heat in the Tues night Crits, hosted by Midweek Mayhem.

Brent has asked my to ensure that all our women membership have a read of the proposed change they are contemplating making in the weekly Crit series.

They tentatively plan on having a Women's only field with a focus on 'learning to crit race' over actually tooth and nail competing. The plan will be to have rolling ambassadors giving guidance and advice during the events.

Midweek Mayhem would love if our STC women weighed in with some feedback on the issue and whether this would make it more appealing and may get you to come out to the Tues Night events. Previously, the women raced in whichever Cat they could handle with the men.

Please go to the Midweek Mayhem site and let them know your opinion and whether you would be tempted enough by this change to participate.

Thanks to Midweek Mayhem for providing an excellent yearly series giving us the opportunity to race. This is the same club that hosts the totally awesome Cross series in fall which I already can't wait for!


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