Monday, April 15, 2013

Way to close to home. The Boston bombings.

Team, we had three teammates down for the Boston marathon. Rebecca Morley and Corran  Hockey were running the event, while Allison was watching and cheering for her sister. Nick Haddow, whom I see almost every day since he works at the store was running, and Jeremy Deere and Ryan Twa both of who I raced last week at the Icebreaker 10km were racing as well. Blaine Penny, the founder of the extremely relevant and local charities MitoCanada was there, along with many of his friends, including Jody Draude and Kyle McLaughlin.  I know several runners that are there from the Calgary Road Runners which makes me sick thinking they could have been caught up in such a brutal act of violence.


I heard from Corran, he is OK.


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Darryl said...

My running buddy will be flying home from Boston today. He's good as are his wife and son who were there to watch him. He finished fast enough that he was well ahead of the big bulge that finishes at about 4 hours.

I went for a run at lunch today. Not a long run, a little pacey. Although not as pacey as Nick ran for 26.2 miles yesterday - dude! Lunch runs are typically fairly isolated affairs. You run along solo with your thoughts or chatting with a buddy and don't pay too much attention to anyone else out on the pathway. That felt weird today. I nodded and waved at everyone I saw on the path. Most of them did the same. Nice day for a run. Tomorrow will be too.

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