Thursday, April 25, 2013

Your Favorite Hill

I'm thinking of organizing an "All Hills, Nothing but Hills" night.  The idea is that we hammer up a hill, hurl, cruise/recover to the next hill, hammer, hurl and so-on. Cat 1/2/3 riders might have to ride the hill twice so we can ride as a team. Conceptually we would have a loop that would bring us back the start.  I'm looking for your favorite gravity challenged roadway that we could incorporate into the "All Hills" evening.  No restrictions. It could be short and steep or long and full of suffering. Whatever you consider a MOFO hill is fine.

I'll start:
101st Hill
85 st Hill
Old Banff Coach Road
Spring Bank Road
Escarpment Drive
COP (too busy these days for my taste)
Road to Nepal
Leighton Center

With a completed list I'll map it all out and see how we can link a string of them together.


Hoop said...

Stanley Park Hill (50th Ave SW) is a must!

cyclingphysio said...

why not run the ronde van cowtown?

Karel said...

Lots of stuff depending how far out we want to go.

Cochrane Hill
Hwy 22 heading south out of Cochrane
Hwy 66 (elbow falls)
Springbank wall
Wildrose climb (springbank)
274 ave just west of hwy 22 is a killer

Thomas said...

As a reference for Dave's comment:

Ronde van Cowtown map:

Tom said...

I had heard about the Ronde Van Cowtown. Looks, well, hard.. and long.
Lots of good hills in there. I think I'll put something together that;s a little shorter. It looks like 80km or so...seems drastic for an evening ride. Good stuff in there to help pick a route!

Hoop said...

Thomas (or Karel) any idea how long the Ronde de Cowtown is? How much elevation? Looks awesome...

Thomas said...

I've never actually ridden the entire ronde in one go but usually just the first half or back half. Here is a map with elevation:

79km - 670m

SimonF said...

Back half is nicer as there's less traffic to negotiate.

cyclingphysio said...

Count on 4 hrs for de-ronde, but it's awesome.

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