Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time to cheer on your Club Mates tomorrow (Aug. 4th 2013) at Canada Olympic Park! 6:00pm

Club:  I just looked at the start list for tomorrow's Hill Climb up the hill at Canada Olympic Park. We have a ton of teammates tackling the hill. This is an exciting event since it isn't an 'Individual' Time Trial up the hill. The cyclists start in groups of three and battle it out up the 1.2km ascent.

The Cat5 racers start at 6:00pm and spectators can walk up the road and cheer. It is fun for kids since riders go by every 2min.

We have 14 club mates in Cat5! There is an STC racer in almost every heat! AWESOME. Bring the family, walk up the hill, and cheer like crazy. After the Cat5's we have 8 more racers sprinkled throughout the remaining heats.


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