Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Penticton Training Camp Schedule


Start time*
Shorter option
Sunday, 15 May
A short day at 103 km to get warmed up.  Quick stop in Oliver for water and food.  Then continue up to area 51 and home through OK Falls.
You could turn back at any point before Oliver.
Salty’s Beachhouse
1000 Lakeshore Drive W
Monday, 16 May
A little harder and shorter at ~99 km.  We start with "The Wall" then up White Lake Rd with a stop at the highway 3A junction for food and water.  We then ride up Green Mountain Rd and down to Penticton.
At the end of White Lake Road you could take highway 3A and 97 back to Penticton. 
Pasta Factory
236 Martin Street
Tuesday, 17 May
First long day at ~189 km. We will stop in Oliver for food and water then continue to Osoyoos where we climb Anarchist. The climb will end at the Sasquatch.  Descend back to Osoyoos where we stop for lunch at the Timmies. After lunch we will ride back to Penticton the same way we rode out.
You could turn back to Penticton at any time, or just skip Anarchist and wait for the group at Timmies (and have a few donuts).
Bad Tattoo Brewing
169 Estabrook Ave
Wednesday, 18 May
Rest/optional day at ~74 km.  We will ride to Summerland then continue on to Camp Boyle.  We will return to Summerland and stop for coffee and food. Keeners can climb Giant’s Head Park Rd in Summerland before the coffee stop. Return to Penticton on a few backroads and along the highway.
Skip the Giant’s Head climb and/or skip the segment to Camp Boyle and wait for the group in Summerland, or ride back to Penticton solo.
1848 Main St #101

Thursday, 19 May
Big day at ~195 km with lots of climbing and gravel. We ride to Oliver and stop for water and food. We go up and over Mt Baldy past where the road turns to gravel. Then we’ll climb Anarchist from the back side, descending into Osoyoos for lunch at Timmies again. After lunch we will return to Penticton via OK Falls.
Climb Mt Baldy to the gravel only. Descend back to Oliver and return to Penticton, or continue to Osoyoos and meet the longer route group at Timmies for lunch before returning to Penticton.
Spiros Cubby Hole
130 Westminster Ave W
Friday, 20 May
Another big day at 180 km. We ride out to Oliver for our 1st pit stop, 2nd pit stop in Osoyoos.  We leave Osoyoos ascending Ritcher Pass followed by the never-ending road to Keremeos where we stop for lunch.  After lunch we continue up highway 3A then turn left up Green Mountain Rd.  We will regroup at the Apex turn off before ascending Apex. Speedy descent back into Penticton.
You could turn back at any time before Osoyoos. Once you’re over Richter’s Pass you might as well finish the long route. Always an option to skip Apex.
Salty’s Beachhouse
1000 Lakeshore Drive W
 Saturday, 21 May
Travel day for those departing. Optional ride (local climbs) or rest day for those staying.

Hillside Winery and Bistro
1350 Naramata Road

For Insured STC members only – alternatively here is the link for temporary insurance /to become an STC member while in Penticton – Temporary insurance cost is $40.00

*All rides start at Denny’s at 939 Burnaby Ave W (Penticton BC)

**Dinner is optional and is generally at 6:30/7:00pm, depending on when we finish riding

***can we have a volunteer to assist in arranging restaurant reservations while we are out there? ***

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