Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let's get ready to race!

Hello STC!
Training camp in Penticton is rapidly approaching.  If you are thinking of going, book your room now.  This camp is super friendly, a fantastic learning and training experience and its FREE.  Go.

Ok, I'm going to do several new things this year for those who are interested in racing this year.
Apart from the Wednesday Night Race Series, which is excellent I am hoping to host the following;

Intro to Road Race for Women
This is about a 1-2 hour overview and Q&A about getting started road racing.
We will do this in the Engine Room at Speed Theory (735A 10 Ave SW)
Friday April 15th at 6pm
You must RSVP to
Bring a friend.  Beer is free.

Road Race skills practice

Lets start with 2 dates for those who want to refresh their skills before race season.  I will add more if the demand is there.

Pace-lining, group cornering, climbing strategies, passing, accelerating  and braking safely
Apr 18th (6pm) at North Glenmore Park, Parking lot 2

Crit/tight cornering, attacking, bridging, leadouts, sprinting 
Apr 25th (6pm) Elbow Valley South (along HWY 8)
We are going to start out of town for this one and meeting in Elbow Valley.  There are some very quiet streets, big cul de sacs, and open roads nearby. RSPV and I'll let you know where you can park.

I am also going to be hosting a unique
This will be an alternating road/dirt ride. Check the training ride forum for weekly details.
Road rides will start at 9am from our place in Elbow Valley.  Plenty of parking at our house and the coffee pot will be on any time after 8am.  From here we can head North, West or South.  These rides will be at least 2 hours but up to 5hrs.  While they will be "no-drop" (we will regroup periodically) they will not be coffee rides either.  These will be training focussed so bring food, water, money, and tubes.  If you bonk, we will make fun of you...
Mark will be providing free pulls!

The alternating weeks will be "dirt rides".  There has been much interest in both mountain biking (my first love) and cyclocross.  SO we head to one of the many cool trails nearby for 2-4hrs of getting dirty.  This keeps things fresh when the pavement gets monotonous, AND you get to work on bike handling skills at the same time.  For these rides we will meet at the trailhead of the proposed ride at 9am.  I will throw in the Nordic Centre occasionally for good measure. As we move closer to cross season we will add in the cross skills!  (This year STC had entered an all-women's competitive team in the 24hours of Adrenaline, and we intend on crushing it!)

So if you have the odd Friday off or work an alternative work week, please join in!
See you out on the road.

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Marie said...

Tomorrow night looks miserable for a training ride. Let's postpone one week for the skills night at Elbow valley.

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