Sunday, April 3, 2016

Update on our Jason Lapierre Fitness park and Memorial.

Here is the latest update I have received from the Parks Foundation. Hopefully we can ensure this will go through. This was originally going to be placed in Mahogany Bay alongside a really cool running track I spent A LOT of time creating and planning, but there have been a lot of issues with that location and the tanking of the economy has not helped. This new location won't include a running track, but it is in a MUCH MUCH higher traffic area, which is really cool. I would like to ensure the creation of this Fitness Park and Memorial, so I hope to funnel any revenue from the races (which may happen due to the city subsidy and different/cheaper location of the Crit) into this since it is crunch time. Please, if your corporation would like a logo on the jersey next year, or you have a good idea, we need to raise some funds soon. In the past we have held a Tour de France pool to raise money, I may resurrect this. (Read Below)

Hi Trev

The final construction drawings are being completed for the fitness park and they will hopefully go to tender shortly. We still want to construct the fitness park this season. There has been a lot of back and forth with the city on this project but the final location will be in Point McKay near the Angels Coffee house - a very highly used area of the pathway system.

I will send you the final drawings once they are approved and forward the installation date when that is solidified. I will also work with you for approval on the final wording for the plaque.  

It is important to note that the pre-tender estimate for the landscape feature that we are hoping to place the memorial has come back at over $30,000. If the actual tender comes back a lot higher, it may affect our ability to construct this particular structure and it may have to be modified (budgets are very tight this year as you can imagine). We still feel this is a very interesting piece that will attract attention so we will do our best to have it installed as planned. The memorial account that your donors have contributed to has approximately $17,000 of funding which will help with these construction costs for the memorial. Going forward, I will work with you if problems do arise.

Please feel free to call if you would like more details.

Thanks – I will be in touch

Parks Foundation, Calgary

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