Sunday, July 8, 2007

Foothills Charity Tri

First a disclaimer: Do not expect world cup racing excitment like that of my fellow Speed Theorists, my tris (so far) are of the more mundane variety. If that is not too off-putting, read on.

I did the Foothills Charity Tri in Okotoks Saturday morning. Strangely it was not hammering rain and howling wind like Arbour Lake a few weeks ago. Arbour Lake was a test for me to see what works and what doesn't in a tri. So some new changes included: 1)using wetsuit lube so as to allow me to get the damn thing off, and 2)springy elastic shoelaces, because I found numb hands + tying shoelace knots = extreme cursing & scaring volunteers.

Turnout looked pretty good - maybe 150+?

Short course: 500m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.

The water was quite warm, but it was nice to have a wetsuit for the cold morning. Washing machine at the start, but swallowed way less water than at Arbour Lake. Still, by the time the swim was over I had a sloshing full stomach and didn't need to drink for the rest of the race.

Stagger into transition 8th out of the water, wetsuit removal achieved with minimal grunting and swearing. Shoes on and then onto my favorite: the bike section. Roads alternated between smooth'n'sealed and Paris Roubaix pave. Felt good and hammer down, passed several to move up into second place.

Fast bike -run transition. Alas, found a problem with my new system. I guess when practicing slipping on the runners my feet had always been fairly dry. When pulling on the shoes with my clammy wet feet, the foot beds compacted forward around my toes. Upon beginning the run I had the sensation that my toes were being crushed in a vice. No time to lose, so I ran on despite a spot of discomfort.

2.5 km into the run and still holding second place I came to an unmarked Y in the path. Deciding the straighter arm was more likely correct I took off down it. About 150 meters on I heard a shout and stopped unsure if it was for me. At this point the next runner reached the Y and stopped also. We heard a shout again and saw a volunteer far down the other side that I had not taken. Showing some fine sportsmanship the 3rd place guy waited for me while I ran back to him and then we ran together for a bit before he dropped me. By the race end he had a good 20 seconds in hand.

3rd overall at 1hour and 2minutes! I was ecstatic with the result, and my wife could feel getting up at 515am had been worth the bother. Time for a big ass hamburger on the way home! Next up - Sylvan Lake, my first ~longer~ race.


Full Results Here

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Trev said...

Nice work !!

Thanks for posting the race report.

Good luck in Sylvan.


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