Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thursday night ride.

Meet at my place at 7pm for a pain fest.



Captain Kirk said...

I'm in for some more punishment

Anonymous said...

Count me in.


Peter Lawson said...

I'm leaving for the coast tomorrow for 3 weeks.

Hope you guys get in some awesome training rides this month!



PS Good luck next weekend at the Stampede RR!

Anonymous said...

Trev - What is your address? Against my better judgement I will join you guys tonight

Paul C

Trev said...

Great to hear.

124 Royal Oak Gardens.

I think you will be coming from Country Hills. So go West on Country Hills until you get to Rocky Ridge Road. We live in the ghetto complex you see on your left at the corner. Turn left on Rocky Ridge and then take your first left to enter 'The Park'. I have a 'single wide' parked at 124.


Carl Miiller said...

I'll try and hold someones rear wheel for as long as I can.

See you at 7 PM


Iron Greg said...

Thanks for the ride!! More pain than I have experienced in a long time :)
Good fun though!! We'll have to do it again soon!!

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