Saturday, July 21, 2007

Provincial ITT and TTT

Guys. The Provincial ITT is coming up this Sat. in Canmore.

Register here.
Hope to see most of us there. It is a 40km test of speed. A perfect prep for any other race or tri coming up.

The TTT is on Sunday morning. It would great to put a team in.

I think we have Alex on board but I am not sure who else. I think Kirk has confirmed too but not sure. It would be cool to get a full 6 guys in our Cat5 division to have a team, but I will enter with you guys if you need me. So will Steve I think.

TRS is looking to put in a team of Cat2's with us I think, so I may do that. It would be Carson, Frank, Steve, and I so far I think.

Please leave a comment if you are racing the ITT, but more importantly if you would like to be part of the TTT team. Us we have a 'team' established, I will email you guys directly and get you working well together.



Peter Lawson said...

I registered for the ITT earlier this week. Ready to fire it up!

I'm up for the TTT as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm registered for the ITT in the Masters C. I could be the last person in on the TTT if we can only get 5 others.

A-Train said...

I'm signed up for the ITT and the TTT in Cat 5.

Is anyone thinking of doing that mini TT in the afternoon on Saturday?

Rob said...

Hey Gang, at this point I doubt I will be able to make either the ITT or the TTT which in a word, sucks. However, if something changes I will let you know by wednesday. Sadly, my fitness is terrible so I doubt I will be all that useful. Anyhow, catch y'all on the ride this week.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I will be out of town starting Friday. Bad timing by me. Have fun and good luck.

Paul C

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