Monday, July 9, 2007

Plan for the week....

Tues: I'm MTN biking. But does anyone want to lead a ride? Alex, Rob?

Wed: Cabin Ride

Thurs: 3 X Cochrane Hill... and this time, it's three...not two.

Fri: I'm MTN biking. But does anyone want to lead a ride?

Sat: I'm MTN biking. But maybe for the Cat5ers, do a light spin and rest up for Stampede.

Sun: Hit it hard for 120km at Stampede.

Please leave a comment and plan some rides together. Sorry about switching my focus to MTN for awhile, but Alex and Rob and hopefully James soon, will be leading rides. Guys, please post.



Rob said...

Aight, I will be in a position, likely for Thurs,Friday rides. Unfortunately I am out for the stampede road race this summer. :(
More as it develops.

Anonymous said...

The PRODIGAL SON returns!!!

I'll be there Thursday!!!

James CrankYmaster

Anonymous said...

I'll be at the cabin ride on Wednesday and the hill repeats on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Hey team!
I'm in Penticton to sus out the ironman course on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Plan to be back in town to race Stampede on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Don't you have a job?
Rod M

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