Friday, July 13, 2007

Sunday: Stampede show time.

OK guys, this is the second biggest race of the season for us on Sunday.

A few of us are volunteering to sweep corners prior to the race. If you want to give us a hand, meet at my place with a broom and your bike stuff, at 8am. We'll head up, sign in, and go sweep corners for a bit.

If you're not into sweeping, then let's all meet at 10:30am in the parking lot of the community center where you sign in. We'll take a few pictures and I'll give you a briefing on the tough spots of the course and we'll all pump each other up.

It is Rob's stag on Sat. night. So he is touch and go for Sunday. Have a great time Rob.


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Anonymous said...

I'm in for the elite race.
Just signed up.
Rod M.

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