Thursday, November 8, 2007

Murray top 10 at Banff WinterStart

Full results here

1 Ken MYERS 27:12
2 Don KING 28:23
3 Jonathan ROTH 28:44
4 Scott RATZLAFT 29:34
5 Kevin BOWLES 29:36
6 Lisa HARVEY 29:47
7 Phil DAUM 29:56
8 Ed BICKLEY 29:59
9 Gregory NICHOLSON 30:08
10 Ryan MURRAY 30:50

OK, look at the guy on the left of this photo. Yah, the dude in the Superman suit.

Yah, that's Ken Myers. Yah, he won.

That is sooooo cool. You wear a suit like that you have to be close to last....or win. And he won. I think that is awesome. That is laying it on the line. That is how to race!! I admire that.

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