Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beer Mile!

Well, that must have been Calgary largest Beer Mile in years.

Convening in the dark at the dirt track in Currie Barracks, 27 beer milers and a ton of spectators were witness to a true phenomenon.

The results are in:

Luke Way : 6:51
Kyle Marcotte : 7:46
Greg Nicholson : 8:37
Suzanne : 8:59
Jim Peters : 9:15
Steve German : 9:16
John White : 9:30
Mike Young : 9:30
Carson Bannon : 9:35
Rosemary G : 10:28
Cat Brown : 10:41
Chris : 10:57
Ryan H : 12:05
Paul : 12:25
Kobe : 12:36
Mark Shand : 12:36
Rod McAllister : 13:02
Jess: 13:15
Ryan Murray : 13:53
Rob W: 13:54
Joel S : 15:25
Trev Williams: 16:52
Mitch: 17:12
Chantal: 17:21
Jen Walker: 24:18
Cal Zarinski : DNF
Dave V: DNF

Special mention must be made to:
1.) Luke Way.... breaking 7min is a feat greater than his Xterra wins.
2.) There were two heats last night and Kyle attempted to perform a 'double', which has never even been considered much less attempted.
3.) Trev Williams' last beer can was generally considered 'Extremely Questionable' in terms of emptyness.
4.) Steve German performed the mile chugging 4 X 500ml of chocolate milk. He felt worse than anyone at the end, but was able to drive Trev home.


Shannon said...

trev i'm impressed that you were able to get up by 11:23 am given the way you were looking after the "beer mile" last night.

thanks for an awesome time.

-shannon "rob's wife" ramdin

Paul Anderson said...

Cat SOOOO kick your ass! That is awesome.

Oh well, you can't be fast in everything. At least you can beat her in the pool. OOOOPS! Never mind.

Rob said...

I owe a huge thanks to Ryan Murray who helped me get through the last lap. I am considering retiring from the beer mile circuit as this is the one and only time I think I will ever beat Trev at anything.

mad props to KyleM and his gang for hosting such a great event.

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