Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Speed Theory at Ironman Florida - Race Report

Saturday, November 3rd – race day, the ocean was dead calm – no wind, perfect conditions. Got beaten up good on the first loop, the second loop I found clear water but lost the draft effect of the first loop. Swim time 1:15:11.

Bike - The first 50k on the bike was heavy traffic, passing a lot of people and trying to find some space. All the time trying to ensure I was not drafting. Didn’t see much drafting at that stage but saw lots of marshals. No wind, perfect conditions. Settled in trying to stay around 150 heart rate (middle of Z2). Picked up the pace for the next 60k. The wind came up on the westward section. Saw about 3 pelotons pass me out, I shouted at each of them as they passed. I did not let the drafting bother me. The course seemed a couple of km short and off the bike into T2 after 5:45:23.

Run - It had warmed up to about 77 degrees F – just about right for the run, very little humidity. OK for the first 12k (my longest recent training run because of injury!) then the race became a struggle all the way. Good with the fluids and nutrition, even managed a few gels in addition to the coke, gatorade and water. By the mid point it was a case of making it to the next aid station, walking the aid station and start running again. Tried really hard to hold a pace of 160 HR and eventually slowed from sub 10 minute miles to somewhere between 10 and 11 pace. Really wanted the run to finish. Never so happy to see the race finish. Finished the marathon in 4:35:54.

Total race 11:52:45. My goal set a year ago was 11:45:00. Considering the lack of miles on my legs leading up to the race this was a good result. Between the transitions, pit stops, and a couple of other issues I know I could have been a fair bit faster. Overall about 50th in my age group of 150. Watched in awe at 52 year old Joe Bonness race as well, his 3rd ironman in 4 weeks finish in about 9:25.

Overall great organization, Panama City Beach locals and visitors alike were really into the event, volunteers were great. Panama City Beach is no longer just a spring break redneck vacation spot. Slippery Suckers Oyster Bar now has some competition.


Anonymous said...

Great work Mike!!

Now carry that fitness over to bike racing :)

James T.

Rob said...

Mike! That is an amazing report and a huge congrats on the results.

Anonymous said...

way to tuff it out. great bike split! like to hear more about it at the x-mas party

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