Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Consumer Poll - Old School Wool Jerseys

Would you guys buy old school jerseys like these? They come in long and short sleeve, no colour choices, and only in male sizes (sorry Trev). They are full morino wool (not sure if it is virgin or otherwise) with embroidered logo. They will retail somewhere around $100.

Another option is to abondon the red logo and go really old school, As Mike Holowack put its "use minimal colors like in the days of yor. With the cream logo it takes on a this is what our logo looked like 50 years ago". What does everyone think?????


Rob said...

These are hot. I would race my TTs in this over a skin suit.

How about wool shorts? I hear those are cutting edge. Literally.

Anonymous said...

I would get one, prefer the "really old school" version.
Rod M

Anonymous said...

I would be in for one as well. Either style looks good to me. Hey speaking of skinsuits what will they look like?

What about technical T-shirts as well?

James T

Anonymous said...

here it is, wool is awsome! i have been wearing an under layer for a few years now,
paul noticed that i dont have a jacket, this is why...wool, the super layer
i would like the bottom one please!
size medium

Anonymous said...

Chicks dig old school!!

Paul C.

A-Train said...

Yeah Man,

I'm down for the getting the bottom one.

Ironernesto said...

Count me In.


XL Please.

Trev said...

I like the bottom one too... but could we drop the 'Speed Theory' from the logo so it doesn't say 'Speed Theory' twice on each side?


Anonymous said...

Count me in for the really old school style.

Anonymous said...

Be carefull. Wool is a 'gateway' to off-season fixed gear training, riding outdoors at night in the winter, and other old skool behaviour. I only see H&R riders doing that now.

Anonymous said...

I would totally get one of these...they are wicked...and as soon as I get a trainer I will actually show up to spin classes!

Peter Lawson said...

count me in for the really old school too


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