Sunday, November 4, 2007

Healy goes Sub 12

Mike Healy blazed through T1 and T2, keeping them both under 10min :) to lay down a Sub 12 performance at IMFL on Sat.

Here are his splits:

SWIM: 1:15:11
BIKE: 5:45:23
RUN: 4:35:54
OVERALL: 11:52:45

Good work Mike. I am not sure what your goal time was but we would all love to hear a race report if you've got one.


Anonymous said...

Great Work Mike!!!

Now you can focus on Bike Racing :)

James T.

Anonymous said...

I am back in south Florida for the rest of the week. I will post a race report when I get back to Calgary. I was very happy with the outcome but I don't recommend an ironman on a weekly total of 20 km of running.

As far as transitions go, there is room for improvement - like lots of improvement.

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