Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Race Hoster??

Just got word from Cam that the ABA wants to host a Spring Series of 3 road races. These would be just like our Wed. nighters, so the prep would be very similar. (Very small). The dates are Mar. 27th, April 11, and April 18. Does anyone want to take one of these? It would be all 'cash-n-show-n-go' so no technical guide, no Karelo, no food, no medics. I would handle the insurance, you would handle finding the loop, giving me the course description (in MapmyRide or GoogleMaps or something) and then hosting. I would suggest making it an uphill finish so there is no sprint and less chance of injury since there won't be medics at the scene. Leave a comment if you want to do this. You would have lots of support.


Tom K said...

I see you haven't got alot of people leaping up to help. I'll bite on one of the days; April 18th.
So we need three distances (Cat 1-4, Womens A/B and Cat 5)?

Do we need approval from Alberta Roads or anything of the sort?
I'll see if I can get some first aid from a Search and Rescue Group.

I've never done this before, 1st - so be gentle.

Trev said...

We have been asked to host ONE of the three. So if you do it, then we are golden.

Cam suggested 10km loops, so the distances can be variable and longer if it is beautiful, shorter if it is brutal.

Categories would only be A/B/C. No follow car. All you would need is a volunteer at each corner. Very similar to the Wed. night races.

If you make the course NOT on a highway or an alternative highway, then we just need an insurance certificate. This isn't going to be 500 cyclists taking up massive stretches of road. Find a 10km loop that is traffic sparse and isn't already used for an ABA loop and we are golden.

Thanks Tom,


Anonymous said...

I can also help. I'll be in touch Tom.

Tom K said...

Thanks Mike. I'll need the help.

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