Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing around with the HERO Cams.

I am learning how to use the video from these better. I had a friend wear the 2nd one yesterday and got two views of the race. Check it out. I can't wait to do this for a Crit or a CX race! It would be awesome to have a view of someone in the pack and someone in the breakaway or something.

Nose_Creek_XC_2010_Dual from Nerd Williams on Vimeo.


Scott G-C said...

Those are some sweet vids. I got a gopro hd for Christmas, so we could get three out there in a race, I can show everything from the back.


Trev said...

The HD one must burn through the memory eh? BOth of these videos were well over 1 GB in AVI. I am looking forward to seeing the HD one in action.


Scott G-C said...

So am I, if you see a good price 16 or 32G SD card out there let me know, I need one.

Carson said...

My amazing girlfriend got me an HD one too... we can rock out with 4 now. Better coverage than TSN!

Carson said...

Scott, i got a 16GB card at Best Buy for $36... works like a charm!

Darcy G said...


I can't provide any footage of being in a breakaway, but if you want hours and hours of video showing what the view is like after being popped off the back in a road race I can certainly help you out.


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