Sunday, January 24, 2010

Penticton - Speed Theory Tour May 16-22

Hey folks,

May is going to be here before we know it, so here’s what you need to know right now about the Speed Theory bike tour in Penticton. I’m not calling it a training camp, because we’re primarily there to kick back, have some fun, drink wine and get a few k’s in every day on the bike. Day one of the tour is Sunday, May 16, and day seven is Saturday, May 22. You are more than welcome to show up and ride days earlier or stay and ride days later, just know the rides Speed Theory is organizing are the seven days mentioned above.

There are two sets of rides from which you can choose to do each day. One set will be shorter rides per day (60-160kms) with the week’s totals adding up to just over 700kms. The second set will be longer rides per day (100-225kms) with the week’s totals coming in at just over 1,000kms. Regardless what ride you do each day, both groups will leave together and stick together for at least the first 20-40kms. There will also be someone in each group who will know where to go and how to get back to Penticton. I’ll post the schedule and rides (from MapMyRides) on the blog at a later date so you can see the routes and elevations.

Last year, we went into the Penticton tour with our big heads thinking that everyone was going to be for themselves and if you got dropped or had a flat you were on your own. Not only was that the wrong attitude to have, but we actually spent the first 60kms of our longest ride (225kms) stopping to change five flats and using the bathroom an average of once per 10kms. Not to mention, everyone ended up waiting for everyone at every feed break anyway. Just know there will always be support in some fashion on each ride, but don't expect a support vehicle with a bike shop and buffet in the trunk waiting for you every 40kms. This year we hope to attract more Speed Theory cyclists to Penticton for what turned out to be a super fun week last year.

Right now you should be thinking about booking time off at work and getting the husband, wife, kids, partners, pets, etc... pumped for either joining you in Penticton or spending a week away from you while you’re in Penticton. And if you don’t have these sorts of people in your life then you have no excuses for not coming.

Next posting: Team hotel (self booking and optional) and the schedule for the shorter rides.


Lockie said...

I'm already out of holidays for 2010, but last year was so fun, I think I'll quit my job so I can go! :)

seanfournier said...

Count me in.

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