Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First round of race clothing is approaching.

Thomas and I will be coordinating our first round of ordering for race kit. We want to ensure to get racers in race clothing before ABA action starts up and since it's starting up earlier than normal, we need to get on this early.

THEREFORE: If you are contemplating joining the team, this is the time to do it. You MUST be a member of Speed Theory Cycling to order race kit. I will be sending out the spreadsheet via the Karelo sign up emails provided. There is no guarantee there will be a second round, and even if there is, I can guarantee those kits won't get here before the season starts up.

We will have the PDFs up soon and the spreadsheets and deadlines will follow suit.

If you were a member last year, and you don't have holes in your gear (in other words, you didn't crash) then there is no need to order new kit (other than the smell factor), any changes we make will be just a small evolution to keep the jerseys fresh and rad.



Scott G-C said...

How is it going with order for the 2009 team of the year kits.

Just thought I would ask, no pressure.

Trev said...

Dude... I think they should be here like any day. I got charged the second installment of 2 about a week ago, which means it should be here any moment.


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