Thursday, February 4, 2010

Article on Masters Training.

I mentioned during the spin class I wrote a little article on an aspect of Master's training that is often overlooked. A few of you were interested, here it is.

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Dallas said...

Well written trev. Nice. I agree whole heartedly.

..Without continued 'Intensity' specific exercise, in regards to Cyclists as we get older...
If you're not doing running, Spin Jam, or XC ski type exercise in the winter, it becomes that much harder each and every springtime to 'get in shape', get your Threshold heart rate up, and return to the form you had in previous years.
A few Masters cyclists I know from Road and Mountain, took an entire season off the bike... for whatever reasons, we all have them. But, never to return to the high level platforms that they once experienced.

Long slow rides = long slow races.

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