Thursday, February 4, 2010

Commemorative Clothing is in and READY for pickup!

I have the box of clothing at my house. It will be set up as of 4pm today.

Drive up to the house, walk around to the BACK, proceed to the NORTH side of the house, enter the shed, look on the spreadsheet to remember what you ordered, root through the box, grab your stuff, check off you took your stuff, close the shed door. You can also pop in for a visit if it looks like I am home. Don't come really late at night, that is creepy.



Scott G-C said...

Can I come by tonight and get it. If you email me your phone number I can call be for I come to make sure you are home.

Jason said...

Trev, that works.

This reminds me of a house I used to live up the street from. Skinny guys and girls would show up at all hours to the house and head to the backyard. They would only stay for a few minutes and leave with small bags... I'm assuming it wasn't clothing.

Looking forward to seeing the new kit!


Trev said...

Did I say I lived in a house? I meant 'single-wide' :)

Jason, I haven't opened the package but the BMX Jersey looks neat! It isn't on the official spreadsheet, but make sure to grab it when you come!

OK, I will do this after work tonight.


Jason said...

Awesome... thanks Trev! Single wide - 2 funny.


Scott G-C said...

I went and picked up my new commemorative kit, and it looks awesome. Can't wait to get out and ride with it on now.

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