Sunday, February 14, 2010

Speed theory women...why you need a cross bike?

Hey Gals!
Went riding on Saturday and missed your company. I thought I would post my reasons for using a cross bike in hopes that a couple of Speed Theory women can join us next time.
1. What else do you ride outdoors from October to April?
2. It is a perfect commuter. Great value in a very reasonably priced bike
3. Cross races!
4. Less time on the trainer and more time outside
5. Save your road bike from the gravel on the highway
6. It is easy to install full fenders on a cross bike. The person behind you will appreciate this.
7. I am at home writing this blog because I can't find anyone to ride with.

Convinced yet? See you next weekend!


Dallas said...

Totally agree Marcy

And in comparison to 'specific' use mountain bikes, or road bikes.. 'cross bikes are relatively 1/3 the price, for triple the use effectiveness.

I've been using one now for 3 winters and I don't know how I ever got by without one ?

Not to mention the benefits of real on the bike training, flats, climbs, and downhills... where your bike handling skills improve paramount, giving you the added confidence in early season races when you have to ride in a group.
And of course the friends to ride with from place to place or cafe to cafe on sunny Saturdays.

..On friday it was +8 in the N.W. so I went out for 2 hours, it was beauty.

great post !

Scott G-C said...

I think that I have extended my season by about 2-3 months because of my cross bike.

polishbaba said...

I will be joining you after I am back from vacation ...


Karalee said...

I'm thinking of buying a cross bike this week; any tips on what to look for or where to get a good deal at the moment?

Marcy Kimpton said...

Hey Karalee,
Can you email me at and I will let you know what I use for my cross bike. Thanks, M

Dallas said...

It's a great time of year to buy a new cx bike. If you go to a Shop, they will most likely have several models from 09 at discounted prices.
I found nearly anything will work. I've had the $750 steel bike up to a $2000 entry level Racer.

But you may prefer to get an Aluminum frame, vs a heavier Steel frame. Steel frame @ $800. aluminum @ $1200+.
If you go higher end, like with a Carbon fork for increased comfort, you will get up to or near $1800.

For Parts, anything like Tiagra is good enough, 105 is a little better, and then Ultegra ...

Having one is the main thing. The early season gravel on the roads is no big deal, and in summer you can put road tires on it. And, if you decide, you can enter a cyclocross event in the Fall with Midweek Mayhem Tuesday night races.

Dallas said...

Oh ya, No other bike beats a cx bike for Bicycle Touring.

Jennifer said...

I'll join you when I'm back in Calgary during a weekend.


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