Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New team member a fully sponsored athlete!

Dallas Cain had an up and down year in 2009, but one of the biggest 'ups' was hearing word that he would get the 'full-ride' from Specialized for triathlon. He woke up one morning and his bike, helmet, shoes, clothing, glasses, etc were waiting for him at the shop. Would have been a pretty cool feeling. For 2010 he has decided to continue some tris but is slowly being convinced by me to join the leagues of the hard-men and race a pure sport. You never know, we may even get to see him race a cyclo-cross at the end of the season. However, at 6foot7 he can't really borrow a bike from me or Jared... or Darcy !

I had a great shot of Dallas of riding Jay's 48cm Cervelo P3 and Jay riding Dallas' 62cm P3, but I can't seem to locate them.

We'll expect some quick times for the TT's and maybe some TTing in the road races. Here is his blog if you want to keep updated on his 'happenings'.

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Darcy G said...

I'm looking forward to tucking in behind Dallas's draft. At 5'6", I'll be invisible.

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