Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looking for input!


For those of you that were at this year's AGM , Trev mentioned that I have offered to manage the team's digital communication. This could be anything from just being a point of contact for members of the team to find out what is out there and what other members are using to building a site that meets the needs of the team.

What I would like to find out at this point, is what you guys think. What types of social networks are you using,? How are you using the current blog, forum, other stuff I don't know about.? Also, what kind of information would you like the site to provide that it is not currently there?

If you have any ideas or comments about what you would like to see, either email those to me at or you can just post a comment here.


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Rick C said...

I have an idea for a rule.

Someone who does not ride for Speedtheory should not appear on a photo on the header. ASAP.

(I also think the site needs refreshing - say a menu bar? Color change?)

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