Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stretchin' the legs in Victoria

Trev, Dallas, Thomas and I (Lockie) joined Frank at his sister's house this past weekend in Victoria for a cycle-fest. Holy, that place is amazingly beautiful. And hilly. Perfect terrain for Frank to give a climbing school on hundreds of 6%, 10%, 15% hills, Dallas to lay the hurt on whenever it was less steep, and Trev to challenge them both, resulting in Thomas and I hanging on for dear life for 500+ km of killer cycling in super-duper weather.

A quick summary...4 days of hill intervals.

A less quick summary: we started Thurs with the Mallahat: 15km of 4%? 6%? and then Shawnigan Lake, then the Mallahat in reverse for a 145km day. Logged it. Then another long day through...I don't know, East Sooke? Millstream? and ending on Humpback and Kangaroo Rd, another 135km. Saturday we hit the Wheelers ride to defend our sprint title (from last year)...wicked lead out by the boys, but I jumped 50m too early (or 250km too late, depending on how you want to look at it) and a dude on my wheel came around to take it. I WAS the first-placed non-Olympian, but I'll admit that the winner was racing before I was born...yeah, ouch. Dallas and I retired for the day, while the others did a 40km warm-down ride on some 10% hills. Today we were headed for Jordan River, but ended up doing 60km (each way) on the Galloping Goose bike trail, part mirror-smooth ashphalt, part-packed gravel. Rad.

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Dennis said...

Ouch! You guys are so going to drop me on the first RR. I was hoping to travel less this year but nope.

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