Friday, September 24, 2010

Cross Country Races throughout winter.

Guys, make sure to remember about the CalgaryRoadRunners' totally awesome XC running series over the winter. These races are less about running and more about extreme bursts of pain, which makes them absolutely perfect to keep that edge over winter. Honestly, don't worry if you are not a runner for these races, sure you may be beaten by a lot of the runners, but think of it as a challenge. I always recommend doing some solid high intensity at least every two weeks throughout the deep dark winter (especially if you are a masters athlete) and these races will get you motivated to hurt. Quite a few of our members regularly come out for these so you be around some familiar faces. They are $10 and you get as much free stew and dessert you can eat at the end. Talk about a deal!

The courses are absolutely ridiculous in their terrain (thus not catering to pure runners), which makes for a perfect lesson on pain tolerance and management. Which, as you know is what cycling is all about. Bring extra clothes and race as hard as you can!

The first race is the River Park Classic XC on Oct 2nd and gives you the opportunity to race through the Elbow River !! .... twice !! When do you get that opportunity? Come join the fun, and then cheer on your team at the Dark Knight that evening.

Also, these XC races have a fun kid's race just prior to the adult race so the whole family can come and enjoy. The kids love watching their parents race through the Elbow since they don't get to see their parents doing ridiculous things like that that often!


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