Thursday, September 16, 2010

Road Cup Team Results

They are up on the ABA website, available here.

Lots of points in the last few races (150 points in the Provincial ITT - wow!) pushed Speed Theory to second place overall. I think we were in 5th place mid-season. Congrats to ERTC for a solid performance!

Here's the top 5 results for the Excel-challenged:

ERTC - Revolution 1074
Speed Theory 917
Juventus 871
Team H&R Block 702
Bicisport 605

Great job everyone! Participation does count!

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Trev said...

This is pretty exciting! We have defended our first place from last year very well! I am proud of our club, it's spirit, the number of racers it puts on the start line, and it's cycling advocacy.

Thanks for a great year guys.


ps: Should we produce a Commemorative Second Place Jersey this year? :)

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