Friday, September 24, 2010

Cross of Pain!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!! Cyclocross season is kicking off this weekend, and with that yellow thing that has shocked us all by appearing in the sky, Edmonton is the place to be. How often does anyone say that? Edmonton is home to the first double header cyclocross races of the season. School of Cross brought to you by ERTC is on Saturday, and Hop n Hurl which is put on by Hardcore Bikes is on Sunday. While Edmonton seems like a long drive for cyclocross racing, one has to put into perspective the amount of fun that is going to be had, to make you forget about the mind numbing QE2. It’s not just about YOUR race it’s also loads of fun being a spectator. Besides crits, these are the most spectator friendly bike races to watch, probably more so than a crit. What other race do you get to see racers for the majority of, with loads of action taking place right before your eyes, like jumping barriers either still attached to bikes, or with bikes on their shoulders, running or riding through sand pits, and lets not forget the smiles trying to mask the pain written all over their faces.

For the remainder of the Cross season, Edmonton and Calgary will alternate weekends with doubleheader action, so next weekend Calgary is home to the best races of the season that should NOT be missed. Saturday is the Dark Knight race, which is the BEST race of the Cross season. Sunday is the Oval race, and both are held at COP. Pure Cross Bliss.

On that note, I am CROSSING my fingers that I will be able to make it to Edmonton this weekend, but a wisdom tooth extraction this afternoon is going to dictate this decision. If Dr. Torture is willing to inject a little extra freezing into my quads, this could be a very good race weekend. Although, bleeding out on an Edmonton school field after an intense section of barriers might not be a good idea either, but the stories that are generated from Cross racing is what it’s all about.

For more information, registration closes tonight at 8pm for School of Cross tomorrow, and tomorrow night registration closes for Hop n Hurl on Sunday.

Hop n' Hurl Tech Guide

Dig out your cowbells, because everyone NEEDS MORE COWBELL!!!!

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Keith Bayly said...

Anyone looking to car-pool and need a place to stay I leave about 6am Saturday morning and I have a room booked already. Email me.

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