Sunday, September 26, 2010

One more big club ride !!

Hey guys,
Group ride (no drop rule): Wednesday evening, 6:00pm, Extreme Bean.

I would love to get a ton of people out for one last massive club ride before the snow flies. We have our BBQ coming up (Oct. 15th), but it would be great to ride with some/all of you before. This would be an opportunity for me to hear your thoughts on the club and how it could get cooler.

I plan on refocusing the club next year on our riders, group rides, skills sessions, grassroots building, team building, and atmosphere. I think, even though all the races we hosted were totally great, we will host only 2 races next year; the Praire-Roubaix (which in my opinion was the best race of the season for atmosphere) and the the JayLap Omnium (hopefully as part of an Alberta super week coupled with the Tour de Bowness, and Midweek Race). This will ensure our club members have more time for what our club is great at and known for - training and learning to race as a team! This will also open up opportunities for other teams to take an active role in race hosting, which is good for the community.

Let's meet on Wed. evening at 6:00pm at the Extreme Bean. We'll do a moderate loop and will focus on keeping everyone together. I would like to film some of it for some team promo stuff and team skill building next spring, so if you can make sure to wear your Speed Theory Cycling kit, that would be great.

Any non-club members who want to join us (for the ride) are completely welcome. If you are interested in joining Speed Theory Cycling next year (and have an ABA license) then come out and meet some of our riders. If you are part of another club and want to host a race next year, come out and I will let you know how we can help you get started!

Wednesday evening, 6:00pm, Extreme Bean.



Tom K said...

I plan to be there! This weather is awesome.

Marilyn said...

I'll be there.

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