Monday, September 13, 2010

Team 2010 Race Photos!! and Team BBQ

Guys, as you have seen throughout the season, Mark Kay, the photographer, usually attends our races and starts clicking as soon as the action starts. He has an eye for some great shots and I know a lot of our team as purchased photos from him over the years.

This year, I was clicking through the photos and there are a ton of great ST Cycling shots! I contacted Mark and we have set up a 'team order'. I want it to be fair for everyone who raced.

Here is the deal! Everyone from our club can browse the photos and the club will pay for ONE photo of you in 8X10 size. This is going to be a solid expense to the club, but I think it is a neat kickback for the people that raced and it is always nice to have a quality shot of yourself racing. You can make it your family Christmas card handout. :) If you want more than one photo, then no problem, but email me and tell me how many more of yourself you chose and I will tell you how much you owe.

Please make this painless for me. :)

Here is the procedure:
1.) Follow this link and type in 'speedtheory' for the password.
2.) Browse the photos.
3.) When you choose the one you want, 'Add to Favorites'. (If you chose more, add them and then email me)
4.) You are done. I will collect the favourites and pay for them.

I am doing this partly to save myself some time too, since I like to have great shots of our riders for blog posts and the banner. This way, you guys find the wicked shots of yourself without me filing through a million photos. I'm learning eh? !! Delegation!

Have fun with that. I have already chosen mine.

Also, let's have a big 'End of Season BBQ'. The team usually does one without kids and then one with kids. Last year we did a team Halloween party that included the kids, which worked out really well. So let's plan and make the 'Without Kids' party (read: Team pays for beer and wine and food) super soon. I will give you guys enough advanced warning to find sitters and designated drivers. Anyone have any cool ideas for the BBQ? Tom Kenny's was fun last year. Email me with ideas.



Slayer Dan said...


Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Mark had some fantastic photos in there and it is really cool that you have organized this for us. It's a great idea and I hope that it can continue each year for everyone. Maybe the shots at the Banff Time Trial will get more people out racing. A perfect day with perfect scenery.


Slayer Dan

mhoang9 said...

That's cool. Thanks Trev!

Mike Hoang

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