Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dark Knight !! Oct. 2nd evening.

Calgary's only night time cross race is coming up and it is time to plan to compete or go watch! Ed puts on an exciting event and the party atmosphere is always high. On Oct. 2nd evening, plan to be watching the racing by at least 8pm at COP. The course is alway cool and if you haven't watched Cross before, then this is a great one to start. I took Jaya to this when she was only 2 and the free glowsticks and crashes kept her enthralled the entire race! If a race can keep the attention of a 2 year old for over 60min, just imagine how cool it is :) So there is no excuse not to show up, cheer for your team mates, and enjoy a truly unique sport that most of Calgary doesn't even know exists!

This event is spousal friendly since it is high action for 2 hours, and then you can take your partner out on the town after that.

More info can be found on the ABA website.

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Darcy G said...

Registration is up at http://www.zone4.ca/reghome.asp.

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