Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bikes Are Outside Toys

Ride a trainer? Hate it? Hell yeah, it's stupid.

Boxing Day. Cadence Cafe. 10 AM.

Cross bikes, money, phone and nothing to get home early for.


Robert said...


Keith Bayly said...

No takers eh?
How about 10 AM
Good Earth, Glenmore Landing

Keith Bayly said...

Ooops. That is Tuesday at Glenmore Landing.

Tom K said...

Sorry, didn't see your post. A few of us went out as well. 40 km of glorious outside riding. You can't believe how good it feels to be on the road rather than the trainer. I fell in love with my bike all over again (insert romance music here). Then I had to clean my bike:(

Roads are not bad, but not great. More snow in the shoulder than I expected given the warm weather. Of course there is lots of gravel. And what's with all those cars out there!

Keith Bayly said...

Excellent. Glad to hear it Tom.

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