Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Club AGM, May Cycling Camp, 'Beginner/Non-Racer' Spin Class up. (UPDATED WITH DATE)

Three things guys,

1.) I hope to hold the AGM on Jan 13th once everything has settled down after Christmas. Please have some ideas and suggestions on how we can evolve. I will post a rough agenda soon and if you would like something on it let me know. Right now, roughly, it will be: 2010 wrap up, solid weekly ride from one location at same time every week (where?), Prairie-Roubaix and JayLap Memorial, rider development, rider recruitment, 2011 vision.

Please sign up for the club soon as it gives us an idea of returning riders and those going pro (Lachlan). Those are the only two choices :)

2.) Ryan and I are starting to formulate May's Team Cycling Camp. I am excited since this has been evolving every year. I have had a great time with the team the last two years and look forward to this. We are thinking May 15 - 21st ISH time frame. TENTATIVE. Campers are welcome to stay for the long weekend and many do, however the hotel I hope to book at doesn't have all the rooms available at that time, so you will have to individually book after the 21st. However, we would like to get an idea of who is interested this year. Please comment if you are interested as I am looking into booking a bank of rooms for the club this year, since I think it would be WAY more fun if we are all located close to each other and hanging out during the small amount of time we are not on the bikes.

I am hoping to host a 'Doctrine' training camp the week prior to our team training camp. May 8 - 13th ISH. TENTATIVE. This will be a fully coached and supported camp that will include evening seminars and be directed at athletes that want to learn the sport in greater detail and how to train and race more effectively.

I will be attending the Team Cycling Camp as a participant who wants to ride his bike LOTS. Not as a coach.

3.) I have opened up registration for the Spin Class I am designing that will be directed toward people who may be fairly new to cycling or have signed up for a charity ride in the summer like the Ride to Conquer Cancer, MS Bike Tour or a Granfondo. If you know of anyone that fits this criteria, then please direct them to this link. The plan is to help people make the decision to actually register for one of these charity rides, and make the prep much less stressful by providing all the info and fitness that will ensure success.

Thanks guys, ensure to leave a comment on the AGM or the cycling camps.



Marcy Kimpton said...

Marcy and Thomas are in for the training camp!

Dennis said...

Maybe we can post an online poll before the meeting - asking club members what part of town they would like to start a weeknight ride from (which could be different from their home address). That could provide some guidance in route selection.

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