Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for cyclists

OK it is that time of year, New Year's Resolutions, you know you've got them, let's hear them.

Here are a few thought starters

I will actually learn how to do a recovery ride
I will actually do some stretching this year
I will learn how to have a conversation that doesn't eventually turn to cycling (though I'm not sure why)
I will subscribe to Cycling.TV
I will follow races more races than just "Le Tour"
I will race more
I will thank volunteers
I will volunteer myself, or provide one
I will read any post that Slayer Dan puts up
I will actually practice bike handling skills
I will pin my numbers on so they don't flap in the wind and irritate other racers
I will give myself up for a team mate, and trust he/she will do the same for me
If Trev is my coach I will do what he says, not more, not less
I will make every effort to have more women racing
I will never, ever get on Godfrey's wheel, it's pointless, no draft!


Rick C said...

That last one is easy. When you realize you are still pulling, it's self-reinforcing.

Lockie said...

My top one is:
"I will go to bed when I need to, not when I want to."

I should probably also add something about arriving on time to all my TT starts... :)

Darcy G said...

- I will learn how to stay on a cyclocross bike. Or, if that doesn't work, quit cyclocross racing...

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