Thursday, December 9, 2010

"UFC will be a disappointment compared to the women's match!"

Well, I am still in the test phase of the Computrainer Race Series and the action is already starting to heat up! I am excited by the contagious atmosphere it is generating. On Sat. I have 3 heats of 6 racers at a time going toe-to-toe over a 20km course! Pretty fun. The cheering is for everyone and no one doesn't get a great workout.

The quote in the title just arrived in my Inbox and refers to our all women's heat which is super great to see.

I think I have all the bugs out and the Race Series is set to go in the New Year. This is one final test so I don't start up real racing and have issues. If you are curious to see the race action and/or want to stick around for UFC after, then fire me an email and I'll send you the info.



Lockie said...

Super friggen rad!

Don't worry, Trev - there will still be space for you on the podium when Thomas and I beat you.

Thomas said...

Hey Lockie, that's only if he can keep his chain on.

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