Saturday, December 18, 2010

Silver Springs X-Country

Speed Theory was represented at the Silver Spings X-Country race today. Trev, Marilyn & Shelley (and Brad from the Crankys!)were all out braving the cold, slippery and challenging conditions.

As usual Trev crushed it, winning the mens race, Marilyn was 2nd in the women's race and Shelley had a really solid run. The footing was quite treacherous with the combination of ice underneath new snow.

Line of the day "you've only got 400 metres to make up... in 400 metres" Trev encouraging Marliyn to try to close the gap on the 1st place women's runner.

Trev went for the double Hero Cam, front and back. Hopefully he will get a chance to post the videos, assuming the batteries didn't freeze up!

Full results should be posted in the next day or so on the Calgary Roadrunners site.

The next race in the "Grand Prix" series is on January 8th at Nose Creek. Great X-training option and a chance to scratch the competition itch in the winter!

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Lockie said...

I suspect those three hard men and women weren't the only ones braving the cold...this sounds like an eye-witness account! hehe Did you strap on some spikes, Mike, or were you just checking it out this time around?

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