Monday, December 13, 2010

Underground Riding Championships #3

What did you do on Saturday night? Something normal like a movie or dinner? Or maybe a night out of town? While you were relaxing, a group of slightly off kilter racers filled Trev's basement with gel, sweat and massive watts... You guessed it, another night of head-to-head computrainer racing was on!

The four heats consisted of groups of six pedaling as hard as they could over the 20.12km course, with an absolutely brutal hill at the end. The first heat and second heats were won by Chris Hooper and Jill Parnell in very convincing fashion. Mark and Wayde dueled to the very end of the third heat with Wayde winning by 3 seconds. After a 'slow' start Frank gradually pulled away and demolished the field in the big boys race.

If you're not feeling enough pain on your weekends, or you're just bored, this is definitely where you should consider spending some time.

URC #4 is tentatively scheduled for Jan 15th so keep an eye on the blog in the New Year as the spots will fill up fast! Be there or be slow in the spring!



Dan Sigouin said...

I'm coming next time with the big cow bell!

Lockie said...

What a great time! Thanks for putting it on, Trev! And thanks for showing how it's done, Frankie...I mean, Sir Frank.

Thomas said...

I have video confirmation... ...although Frank didn't bleed I think he broke a sweat.

Simon F said...

Thomas, I think technically you're right, although I'm pretty sure he didn't actually start sweating until he was 19.7km into the 20.12km race.

Marcy Kimpton said...

Thanks to all of the women that took part in the Sufferfest! Special shout out to Shelley for crushing it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting that on Trev, pain aside it was a great time!

I didn't see Frankie ride, but heard the stats - the guy is a monster!

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